Bed Bug Heater

Bed Bug Heater

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The Bed Bug Co-op is a highly advanced and super simple heat treatment system that helps you control bed bugs (and their eggs). Now bed bugs will say goodbye to the warmth of your bed so that you can say hello!


You don’t even need to buy it!

Bed Bug Co-op is Ottawa’s only rental heat treatment system – all the goodness of pest control for only a fraction of the cost. With a bed bug room heater, rental services are not very common but we want to go the extra mile for your comfort.


We will bring our equipment and set it up for you, and you can take over from there. If you can turn on a light, then you can definitely work the system – and it only takes about 30 seconds to learn how to operate it. And this is not a single room bed bug heater, either! You can move it around all over the house to all the problem areas and work the magic of our super effective bed bug treatment.

Traditional bed bug treatment is very expensive and companies offering these services will charge you thousands of dollars – and limited guarantee.

But not Bed Bug Co-op! We’re offering you a bed bug room heater that’s as effective as it’s economical. No more hefty prices for a system you only need for a limited time – you can use it for as long as you want to treat infested areas and then return the equipment back to us.

And what’s more? We also offer a lifetime guarantee as opposed to the commonly offered 30-90 days guarantee. We know our system definitely works, and we only charge you as much as it costs us – no labor fee because you’ll be moving the equipment around yourself.

And we guarantee that if you find bed bugs in your bed within one year of our service, we’ll bring our equipment over again – for no charge! After one year, we apply a $75 drop-off and $75 pick-up charge and that’s about it. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that if the bed bugs are back, so will we be!

No chemicals – we just turn up the heat.

Our super effective bed bug heaters for rent will cost you much less than a typical chemical treatment. And there are a few other advantages of using heat instead of chemicals.

  • It’s more effective than a chemical treatment because bed bugs are attracted to heat – which ends up killing them when they come towards it. The bugs die in less than a minute when they get close to the heat of over 140°F.
  • It costs less than a chemical treatment because the equipment is rented.
  • Heat treatment requires very little preparation – and only one visit is needed, unlike multiple visits with chemical treatments.
  • Heat kills both bugs and eggs. With chemical sprays, eggs don’t die and can hatch 14 days later, repeating the cycle.

It’s safe to say that you can rent bed bug heater systems from us and say a happy goodnight because now the bed bugs won’t bite! Our highly effective technology is super simple to use and you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank for a pest control treatment.

How does the heat treatment work?

Once you inform us of an infestation, we’ll come over and inspect the infested area and then tell you exactly how to operate the bed bug heater rental system and how long to keep it running (that depends on the level of the infestation).

The targeted room(s) will be sealed and we’ll teach you how to position the equipment for maximum efficiency. The temperature of the room will be raised quite high and all bed bugs will die within the hour at the temperature maintained.

It’s important to note that certain spots in the room such as spaces behind furniture and structurally covered areas may be at a lower temperature than the rest of the room. That’s why properly positioning the bed bug heater for room treatment and sealing the room is important. It will allow the room to be uniformly heated up (you can also monitor room temperature with the electronic display) and any bed bugs and their eggs hidden in mattresses and in cracks will not be able to survive in such high heat.

You’ll be able to completely rid the room of bed bug infestation and then move the equipment to another room (if needed) with exactly the same procedure.

Bed bugs commonly spread from the initial infested area to new locations by moving through pipes, along electrical wires, wall voids, and other connections between rooms. They may also travel in pillows from one room to another. That’s why it’s best that when you discover an infestation, include surrounding areas in the treatment as well.

So don’t delay! Give Bed Bug Co-op a call today, and book your heat treatment before your bed bug infestation gets worse.

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We are a company that offers affordable, effective and eco-friendly heat systems to eliminate bed bugs. We rent and train clients on the equipment so that they can do the extermination themselves at a fraction of the cost of professional pest control and extermination companies.

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