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We are a company that offers affordable, effective and eco-friendly heat systems to eliminate bed bugs. We rent and train clients on the equipment so that they can do the extermination themselves at a fraction of the cost of professional pest control and extermination companies.

"As a landlord myself, I struggled with this problem for years, spending thousands of dollars only to see bed bug problems come back time after time. The challenge is professional extermination treatments can be extremely expensive. Finally after doing a lot of research, I discovered the best solution – HEAT! Heat treatment is safe and effective and requires no harsh chemicals or sprays. It is safe for the environment and it really works.

At Bed Bug Co-op we are designed for home owners and landlords that want to get rid of bed bugs and keep cost down. The Bed Bug Co-op offers a low cost effective solution where the landlords and homeowners can rent the equipment and eliminate the bed bugs at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments. So if you are finally tired of dealing with this problem and want a really effective and affordable solution then give us a call. We will review your options and show you that we are the most effective solution there is."  

– Greg, Founder of the Bed Bug Co-op


Using the Bed Bug Co-op, it is a fraction of this cost:

  • Landlords can clear a building easily with very little effort
  • There are NO harsh or poisonous chemicals to breath in
  • You will be getting the lowest cost heat treatment available. Our rental costs are affordable. Professional companies can charge up to $3000 to do a house or a duplex.

Heat treatment is extremely effective and here is why:

  • Bed bugs die at 135 degrees °F.
  • While this system is most effective with bed bugs, other bugs such as cockroaches and fleas can also be eliminated through this system.
  • Spraying can get into some areas but not all. The heat on the other hand penetrates the whole room.
  • Bed bugs are attracted to heat and when the heat goes on they come towards it then they get eliminated by the system.
2-Day rental = $400.00* (Does a Full House) or 1-Week rental = $750.00* (Does Multiple units)

(*before HST) 

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