The Bed Bug Co-op is a heat treatment system that provides the ultimate in pest control. By applying heat both bed bugs and eggs are killed thus resulting in the best pest control with the least amount of preparation.

The Bed Bug Co-op works as followed; we are Ottawa’s only heat treatment rental system. What we do is set up the equipment, show you how to work it and then you move it around from room to room. It takes us about 30 seconds to teach you the process and if you can turn on a light you can use this.

Advantages of Heat

Heat kills both bed bugs and their eggs and requires very little preparation. Unlike popular chemical treatments, only one visit is required. Heat is the most effective way of killing bed bugs as they are attracted to it – with large infestations, the bed bugs come out towards the heat.

Cost of Heat Treatment

Advantages to The Bed Bug Co-op

The traditional heat treatment services is very effective but also costly. Companies that perform this service charge thousands of dollars and offer a limited guarantee. The Bed Bug Co-op is the opposite! We offer a heat treatment rental system were we set it up and you move it around as needed, to focus on the areas you know are infested.

The cost is very low, and yields very high results! We have a lifetime guarantee, opposed to the common 30-90 day guarantee. We can offer this to you because we have no high labour costs as you will be moving the equipment room to room. By offering the same results with similar or usually cheaper then chemical treatment costs, we are set apart due to the low preparation time and effectiveness The Bed Bug Co-op offers!

The Guarantee

We guarantee that if you find bed bugs within one year of the rental service we will return to set up the equipment again for another run and no charge. After one year we apply a 75$ drop off and a 75$ pickup charge and that’s it. Not for 30, 60 , or 90 says but for life. If the bed bugs are back, so are we!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment System Facts

  • Using temperatures over 140 degrees °F bed bugs die in less than a minute
  • Heat systems are effective – they kill both bed bugs and eggs
  • Spraying can only eliminates bed bugs not eggs. The eggs can hatch 14 days later so cycle starts again

About Us

We are a company that offers affordable, effective and eco-friendly heat systems to eliminate bed bugs. We rent and train clients on the equipment so that they can do the extermination themselves at a fraction of the cost of professional pest control and extermination companies.

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